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Hai guys. I wasn't sure which subreddit to start this topic in, sorry if I got it wrong. Yesterday, while I was sittiin on the toliet, I came up with an amazing theory. I hope you uboachanners like it! Desu! Basically, all of Yume Nikki, all of it, is about shitting your pants. Why does Madotsuki never leave her room? Many people have asked this question and I've got the answer. She's embarrassed after shitting her pants. Mado is a loli and kids at age are very sensitive to peer pressure. Mado shat her pants in class in front of everybody, that's why she never leaves her room. She's too embarrassed. Now, a second thing I noticed is that Mado never goes to the bathroom the whole game. She developed a complex where she is afraid that she will shit herself again. She doesn't trust herself enough to eat because she thinks that that will keep her from emptying her bowels again. If you can't eat, you can't shit. Not eating is painful though so she decided to end it all. She was too hungry. A lot of symbolism in the game supports this. Why else would the poop hair effect be in the game? It doesn't make sense! There's also the random restroom in Block World. Mado's deep sub-consciousness is telling her that she NEEDS to shit. It's like Karl Marx always said, from each according to their ability, to each according to their need. Mado can shit so she needs to shit as a HUMAN BEING. KyuuKyuu-kun is a piece of shit. What else could she be!? She's calling out to Mado from the staircase, reminding Mado of what she did. Notice how Madotsuki is always afraid of the toriningen getting close to her? She's afraid that they'll notice the shit in her pants. The toriningen represent Mado's more popular peers who isolated Madotsuki after her accident. What does shit mean, what does it signify? What deeper connection to the universe can be made from our human waste? The essays by the famous philosopher Michel de Montaigne teaches us that shit represents all of humanities embarrassments throughout history. The holocaust, 9/11, the Hindenburg disaster. Kikiyama must have read this book before the creation of Yume Nikki because she incorporates these themes into her magnum opus. Maybe she made Yume Nikki because she also shit herself? Mado's embarrassment is all of our embarrassment as a united species on this tiny, insignificant, blue planet we call Earth. We're all just a bunch of lost souls floating through space and we all don't want to shit our pants. Goodbye Madotsuki. Thank you for showing us the truth.


This isn't what /ot/ is for.
Actually, this whole site isn't for this kind of shit.


But this post is obviously a joke.
>I wasn't sure which subreddit to start this topic in


I'm not a hundred percent on this, but I think >>17771 might have also been making a joke. Of all the things to call it they used


File: 1501599867093.gif (257.44 KB, 640x487, JESUS CHRIST SEISATSU!.gif)

>Seriously please don't:
>4. Make useless posts or meme spam (shitposts), except in /ot/, sometimes. We expect a certain level of quality here', especially outside of /ot/.
Hint: Unless your joke is actually any good, please don't post it. This thread is as terrible as >>17645 doesn't contribute to anything and isn't even fun… we already lack activity, don't turn the little activity we have into unfunny memes. I know somewimes we say that /ot/ is basically /b/ but it isn't the case, we aren't 4chan, so don't treat ubuu like 4chan. Thank you.


>My sense of humor is fact. If I don't think it's funny, don't post it.


Yeah, everybody thinks this thread is so funny they literally ignore [-] it, excuse me for assuming otherwise.


>Everybody does the exact same thing as me.


Ah, thanks for reminding me you could do that.


Different user here. Your thread is cancer.


>Assuming it's my thread.


You're either OP or OP's bitch, either way it kind of is.


>either way it kind of is


File: 1501713276701.gif (2.54 MB, 320x214, spiderman-2-train-scene-o.gif)


look at your hand.


>look at your hand.
What? I have no clue what you're talking about.


File: 1501730249941.jpg (277.3 KB, 500x600, 7cea78df463e621d9102e1485e….jpg)

Just look at your hand, the answer is there.


What is a hand? I don't know what you're talking about.


don't worry, I appreciated your thread, >>17770


Your theory is baseless.
"Shit" has a different meaning in eastern and western cultures, you can't just apply american/european values to shitting yourself in public. While it may have been a symbol of embarrasments for Montaigne, in the context of Kikiyama's home country, Japan, shit could represent a concept entirely alien to foreign western philosophers, one perhaps unphantomable for even us Uboachanners.



They use it as hair lotion and as hats, duh. Look at Madotsuki, didn't you played the game?


Trust me, the answer is there.


What's an, "answer"? You keep saying nonsense words.


You have to trust me on this one, just keep looking at your hand, you will get it soon.


You still didn't tell me what a hand is so I can't do that.


There's nothing to be explained, you have two hands, one at the end of your left arm, the other at the end of your right arm. Choose one, no matter which, and look at it… the answer is there.


I don't know what an arm is. Please show me a picture.


File: 1501936840806.png (74.41 KB, 200x240, 1501071322154.png)

This. I made >>17645 while i was shitfaced and even this goes into the same levels of unfunny, which is a hard feat to do.


>looking for answers
>not shoulders

Those are nice, bulky shoulders


>i was shitfaced
Somebody's making excuses.

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