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I've been lurking for a while now.
Can someone explain the legendary spanish forums saga for me?
From what i seen in my lurks some spanish YN forums started a brigade after ubuu for no fucking reason.


File: 1482776305160.png (88.04 KB, 211x255, jose.png)

Uboachan is the worst community about Yume Niki in the whole internet, they dont even know about theories or secrets of the game they suck, Uboachan is not even a friendly place you get flame for anything there, it sucks, they are noobs in RPG maker too, half or their projects are half assed ripp offs like the Hell Diary clones by Mishka, and the administrators never help with anything, do they talk bad about uboachan I dont blame them, go insult your mother piece of disgusting pig shit, no sigo porque no se mucho ingles vete a la mierda, Uboachan es un asco y si a los usuarios de este foro no les gusta estan en su derecho idiota, y check my dubs.


>YouTube es mi barco
Does anyone have the original saved?


File: 1482777740922.png (220.41 KB, 454x397, SteelRambo.png)

Youtube sera mi arma, y la razón mi barco.


File: 1482778271837.png (37.02 KB, 880x235, preasul (2).png)

Oh also OP you will want to check this, it's the original thread.
Have fun.


File: 1482778899966.png (343.07 KB, 637x480, ubuuhistoryclass.png)

It goes more or less like this, once upon a time around 2013 some spanish YN fans had a forum, some users of this imageboard were registered there, one day, they got spammed by h and gore, so some of them said those things were a raid by uboachan.

Some edgelords took it way too personal, came here and posted threats about starting a board war, as result, some bronies who were just passing flooded their forum again, then one of the spanish mods came here declaring war, saying that we were ruining their image, with hilarious phrases like "youtube is my weapon and reason is my boat" in spanish.

Some other spanish developer said we hacked the forum, and the raids kept happening, some time after that, someone inside the spanish community, an ex enemy of the admins, confessed being the one behind the attacks, however, the raids, now featuring scat and shock images and the destruction of the last forum is still a mistery.

The forums were forced to restart four times because of the continuous attacks.

Most of the threads and board war content was erased here, however here's something:

Chesir posts a screenshot about someone trying to blame ubuu and specific users for things:

Here's the spanish mod saying he's done with his war declaration, in the hacked forum:

Here we have two of them coming to apologize and being accepted by anons, they are cool guys, it was just a misunderstanding:

There's probably more information in the hacked spanish forum, but that's too much taco for me.

The fun thing about it is that Ubuu was innocent, we were just expectators laughing at the whole mass of irrational and bizarre stupidity happening.


File: 1482779657398.png (112.35 KB, 1128x438, 12004502629347208518238053….png)

Thank you lol, this is the legend.

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