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Uboachan's scanlation group Patchy Illusion Team has just released two new Yume Nikki Doujins: In the Shallows and Refrain. You can see all of our previous releases here.

File: 1474567866239-0.jpg (243.43 KB, 640x346, かぐや姫物語.jpg)

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Can we have a movie recommendation thread? Anything goes, from animated to live action, from romance to hippy surrealism, from the oldest piece of shit to the newest cheesy CGI bullshit. Just warn people about these things, and try to provide a small text about why you liked it (if possible). Bonus if it isn't mainstream/it's rather obscure and/or forgotten old classicals.

>Original title:

かぐや姫物語 [Kaguya Hime Monogatari]
>English Title:
The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
Takahata, Isao (Yes, that sado fuck), Studio Ghibli.

A movie based in, unsurprisingly, Taketori Monogatari, or known as The Tale of The Bamboo Cutter. If you played touhou, yes, it's the same Kaguya, but without danmaku. It's actually interesting to note that not many people (i.e. touhoufags) actually know the story behind Kaguya, and that those pieces of shit barely understand the plot behind Eiyashou.

The traditional animation style is really nice, and I liked how Takahata-sensei decided to make the story more dramatic than the original, focusing in the bittersweet despair that a written destiny can't be changed no matter how hard you try is. It's also really nice because it illustrates (to a certain degree) the life in Japan in the Heian period, with mixes rather smoothly with the colors and the overall feeling of the animation. Guaranteed weeboo and non-weeb satisfaction at a well-told story with peaks of joy and sadness.

>Original Title:

人間の条件 [Ningen no Jouken]
>English Title:
The Human Condition
Kobayashi, Masaki.

A movie based in the novel of the same name, written by Gomikawa Junpei. The story narrates the experience of a Japanese hippie socialist in WWII. It's actually a trilogy, considered one of the best classicals produced by Japan.
Each movie happens in different places, but all follow the protagonist, Kaji. In the first movie, he's in charge of a camp full of chinks and chonks. Since he's a hippy, he wants to improve their lifestyles, but he's faced with Dai Nippon's hard hand. In the second, he's sent to the front lines to shoot reds off. In the third, the war already ended and it narrates his tries to travel back to Japan, but he has to face the red's army again plus the civil militia that the chinks made when the war ended through it.
All sarcasm aside though, it's really a solid movie with a really intrincated plot. I like it a lot because the protagonist is constantly faced against the harsh reality that a world with socialism is only an ideal that will never be reached. It's also manages to illustrate WWI really well, and the whole state in Manchuria during it. Lots of backstabbing and cuntness.
Really, one of my favorite movies.

I'll post most later when I remember what I like and dislike.


File: 1474640015457.jpg (47.09 KB, 380x189, moon_destroyedd1.jpg)

>People associating "Kaguya" with a meme waifu simulator instead of Tale of The Bamboo Cutter.


File: 1474644907613-0.jpg (123.88 KB, 550x776, fuurinkazan.jpg)

File: 1474644907613-1.jpg (65.76 KB, 297x422, Kwaidan-poster.jpg)

Yeah, it's funny because they don't know jack shit about it. Some even believe it's a character created 100% by ZUN. God fucking damn it.
Touhou has a really good lore and universe though, too bad most of the westernpigs fans doesn't seem to see beyond "muh waifu" and memes.

Have I said how great Japanese movies from the 50s/60s are? Let's not forget the 80's, but let's leave that for another time.


風林火山 [Fuurinkazan]
>English title
"Samurai Banners", but that shit is horrible, though I can understand why they chose it. Fuurinkazan translates as "Fast as the wind, silent as the woods, daring as a fire, and inmovable as a mountain", or something along those lines. You can't make a short title out of it.
Inagaki Hiroshi-sensei.

Anyway, the movie is an epic drama set in the Sengoku period, and it narrates the life of the Yamamoto Kensuke-Bushou throughout his aid in the campaigns of Takeda Shingen no Daimyo. Includes a lot of fun, and it's actually a movie that manages to illustrate the living in during the Sengoku era. Lots of history, if you're a piece of shit weeb like me you will love this crap. You don't know how japan was during the 1500's? Checked, you will learn. You don't know who the fuck were the Suwa? Check, you will know. You don't know anything about the most some of the most iconic figures of Japanese history? Checked, you will know.
Not to mention that it's also one of the greatest classicals ever. Honestly, I consider it a must-see. Actually, most of Inagaki-sensei's movies are really good, try to check them out.


怪談 [Kaidan]
>English Title
Kwaidan (Ghost Stories)
Kobayashi Masaki-sensei again.

Kwaidan is an anthology compilated by Koizumi Yakumo (AKA Lafcadio Hearn) of classical japanese horror stories. But those more old-fashioned, à la Edo period (Nopperabou, Yuki Onna, etc).
This movie is basically bringing those stories into another format. Nonetheless, it's actually pretty great. If you enjoy these kind of stories then you will enjoy it.


File: 1474727391076-0.png (1.88 MB, 1679x910, grave-5.png)

File: 1474727391076-1.jpg (400.62 KB, 2500x1359, onlyyesterday.jpg)

Isao Takahata is underrated. Too many people act like Miyazaki is the only one who makes films at Ghibli sometimes. Here's two great movies by Isao:

Grave of the Fireflies (1988) is about two kids during WWII in Japan becoming orphans and having to deal with the domestic battles the war created. I think this is a must see movie. It's heart breaking and reminds you that war affects more than just the people fighting in it.

Only Yesterday (1991) is very different from most Ghibli films.
From wikipedia:
>Only Yesterday explores a genre traditionally thought to be outside the realm of animated subjects: a realistic drama written for adults, particularly women. The film was a surprise box office success, attracting a large adult audience of all genders and becoming the highest-grossing Japanese film of the year in the country.

It's a great watch if you like drama centered around very human things.


Haha, don't take me wrong. I agree with you, Takahata-sensei is underrated as fuck. When I said he's a sado fucker it was because I was precisely thinking in Hotaru no Haka (Grave of the Fireflies). I also liked Only Yesterday. He focuses much more in emotion emphasis to develop and tell a story rather than simply telling it with peaks of suspense like Miyazaki. Which makes it more realistic, easier to relate with.

The problem is that most people only account ghibli as equal to Miyazaki because he's the one behind most of their movies. I personally don't think he's that great. In my opinion, he focuses too much in fantasy settings and leaves the story half baked most of the time. Take Howl's Moving Castle for example, I didn't understand half shit, it felt like a story started somewhere at some point in the past and you only glimpse bits of it, and he only threw there some romance to fill the void. I mean, maybe it's not that bad for a kid's movie, but I liked Mononoke Hime because, while it was kid-oriented, it still had a plot that didn't feel like "Well, yeah, I scribbled this last night after polishing my Marx figure, what do you think?" "Oh, well, it's you, Miyazaki-o-kami, it surely is good". Or Chihiro no Kamikakushi. It's like he rushes to tell you a story before the movie time runs out.

Nausicää is probably the best story he's ever worked on (and it isn't even perfect), and his last movie Kaze Tachinu, since it's based on WWII (therefore, realism instead of fantasy), but I haven't watched it yet so I can't tell.

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