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File: 1462571192862.png (157.23 KB, 540x304, POTATOES.png)

That happened fast, anyway, a minute of silence.
RIP Eurochewky
RIP Understandable
RIP Serb
RIP Kyoko
RIP Lily
RIP Storm
RIP Patchy
RIP Sei I, II and III

No, you won't convince me that some of these are alive, Distortion is next.


File: 1462594622740.jpg (119.16 KB, 744x542, nig.jpg)

How boring, people never accuse Ubuu of being bully or destroying forums anymore…


Do people even know what uboachan is? I'm only so strongly aware of the website because of my past as a neet and searching the internet for people to relate to.


File: 1462598500933-0.jpg (204.3 KB, 771x546, uboachan-dog-shit.jpg)

File: 1462598500933-1.png (14.52 KB, 834x688, ubuu_what tumblr says Uboa….png)

File: 1462598500933-2.jpg (42.56 KB, 704x406, uboachan_assholes.jpg)

File: 1462598500933-3.jpg (239.91 KB, 1120x700, Uboachan worst community.jpg)

You know, the fact that you know so little about this website after being for so long is just sad…


File: 1462598985846-0.jpg (214.5 KB, 945x525, example_of_a_case_of_extre….jpg)

File: 1462598985846-1.png (110.11 KB, 1024x1438, uboachan_was_at_fault.png)

File: 1462598985846-2.jpg (142.21 KB, 720x478, steelfag_san-steelpipe.jpg)

Also, have more for the sake of nostalgia.


File: 1462601023052.jpg (326.42 KB, 600x603, 489.jpg)


>spy from ubuu

>purple young dragon that sings marukaite chikyuu to make evil go away

What the actual fuck


You said what???????????? Man, I bet you can't even PRETZEL. -_- //


I bet you didn't know that the origin of pretzels MAY BE UNKNOWN… next time think about that before trying to start shit w/ me


That was from 2012/2013, right?
Go to sleep m8.


i don't want this !!!!!!!!!!!! D:

turn yourself into the fledgling


File: 1462605078449.png (142.55 KB, 360x263, Steelpipe_attacks.png)

It's from 2012 to 2014.
Jojogates in the end realized it all was bullshit and came to apologize. He's a chill dude, but it was fun to see how he overreacted with ubuu.
The other pics are from surveys made by somebody in 2013 and 2014 if I'm not wrong.
The spanish rant pic is the legendary one from the spanish forum.

TL;DR there was a YN spanish forum, some ubuu users went there and realized the spanish kids talked shit about ubuu, there was drama and many lols were had (see this archive, for SOME FUCKING REASON fucking mods DELETED the FUCKING THREAD when there was NO REASON for it: https://web.archive.org/web/20150717110219/https://uboachan.net/ot/res/9221.html )

So yeah, someone started to spam guro later on their forums, and managed to hack some admin's account and this happened [NSFW - 2D SCAT WARNING] http://yumenikki.foroactivo.com/
Forum is kill, kids tried to remake it like 4 times but it died by in-fighting and because nobody really knew what the fuck they were doing.
Of course they blamed uboachan for that. Jojo was a mod in that forum, that's why he was so mad.

I bet you don't even know who the guy on the spoiler image is.


hey u should tell so i can learn more about the world :)


Lurk more then.


>says he doesnt know something
>he doesnt even say what the something is

>he doesnt know it either


btw you should know that im really beasting this website; i've been using it for OVER A YEAR and i havent posted a single picture of myself naked


File: 1462608659876.jpg (391.92 KB, 1920x1080, 20160503034426_1.jpg)


> crawls out from a pile of under Dark Souls 3

> squints at the sunlight
> What year is it?

but in all seriousness, that's where I've been


did u have a blast? got any cool stories?

man, i really feel like i lose a little bit more of my mind every day and it feels really liberating i want to keep doing it


Oh shit, you are alive.
Welcome back man, I hope you are alright.


File: 1462610088867-0.jpg (645.01 KB, 1920x1080, 20160507002833_1.jpg)

File: 1462610088867-1.jpg (607.67 KB, 1920x1080, 20160507002900_1.jpg)

File: 1462610088867-2.jpg (632.68 KB, 1920x1080, 20160507003001_1.jpg)

In that picture I am also blue Sentinel, two blue sentinels, a sun bro, and the host are trapped in this area, but an invader is standing on the button for the elevator jamming it, the fall is so far that there is a kill floor, even jumping to your death with a plunging attack won't connect because you will die before you even get the ground.

but these pictures are probably the best
I invaded this area only to find a group of holy men praising the sun, so I mooned them, then they began praising my ass


File: 1462629401526.jpg (61.08 KB, 640x582, stock.jpg)

>half their projects are half assed rip offs like the Hell Diary clones
>Sexist assholes
>Fraud zombies will be deleted and eliminated
>Fraud user was number 420
>Mefromthefangame likes this
>Uboachan made me see real life nsfw gore, no thank you
>nsfw gore
>Uboachan is kind of awful, they always say bad words
>it's 70% assholes
>Almost as bad as 4chan, wish it'd get deleted already
>it's full of people obsessed with waifus and generally being unapologetic dicks
>Pile of dog shit

Man, tumblr sure loves us. From what I see this site is nice with devs, while tumblrites bully each other when they see a game with no POC, they were so nice with Mogeko.


File: 1462630727644.gif (1011.15 KB, 276x250, 1412334825031.gif)

I want to see more games Made in Ubuu


y check my dubs


You had one job.


wow, do people really think this about uboachan?
what the fuck happened

we used to be so nice. well, the irc is still nice, at least.


Well that was some time ago, maybe a new survey will show different results.
>inb4 ubuu is the KKK


File: 1462643358774.png (81.83 KB, 410x198, 03.png)


File: 1462647832756.jpg (98.51 KB, 634x468, 1390651605760.jpg)

Dickme Dicki


This… gay bar something…

Dickme d2

Well, long story short, many important devs talked shit about ubuu in tumblr and people started to mark us as a bash site, despite the fact that places like RMN and tumblr are way worse.

The ironic thing is, uboachan used to be even nicer back in 2012 when all this bullshit started. And no, I'm not being ironic or forcing shit, this was one of the nicest chans ever, but because people was too honest when criticizing and there were some trolls here and there (like in any internet site), a lot of devs were scared to post because of "muh bash" since "X and Y devs said uboachan is bad!!!". I've been here since mid-2011 and I rarely read any critic that wasn't backed by a legit opinion on how to improve the game, but apparently for these people you need to forcedly sugarcoat everything you have to say about the game, otherwise it's "bashing".


File: 1462647894810.jpg (1.32 MB, 2048x1536, 20160309_153520.jpg)


i know it used to be nice. i'm yui, 2009-2013 was my era.
what happened after i left? i only ever visit irc every now and then, and i haven't ever even heard of anyone talking about ubuu on tumblr or anything.

the yume nikki subreddit is still kind of nice, i guess. but it's mostly dead.

i can't believe that there are devs bashing this place. it doesn't really seem any different than it used to be, just a little bigger userbase.


i guess maybe now that it's bigger it's only natural to get more hate.

it makes sense, starmen.net and other communities end up the same way.


oh, what survey was this, by the way? i'm interested in seeing more of it.



>A dying community run by people with inflated egos because they made one mediocre game. I assume you're talking about /fg/ because most of the other boards are dead or barely active.
My sides.


oh my fucking god the results page is so unintuitively navigable.

it's good data, but this is asinine.


We missed you.


File: 1462651220985.jpg (84.49 KB, 800x600, babel_b&w.jpg)

>i know it used to be nice. i'm yui, 2009-2013 was my era.
holy shit a ghost

>what happened after i left?

Well, basically that. People got sick of fangames too and everybody started to jump into the horror trend bandwagon. /fg/ practically died.
/n/ became a worse dickfest than what it already was. Some drama here and there, many users left the site.

>i can't believe that there are devs bashing this place.

They don't do it anymore, some apologized. It was too late already, though.

>it doesn't really seem any different than it used to be, just a little bigger userbase.

>it doesn't really seem any different
>just a little bigger userbase.
W-what? Things have changed, but we're hanging in there. Although the userbase was reduced in the past 2 years.


i didn't mean anything bad by saying it hasn't changed, haha. considering the original userbase and how it all started, there are a lot of users that are spiritual successors to a those who've left, and i think ubuu is doing well in general.

>/n/ became a worse dickfest than what it already was

i'm sorry, hah, when i made /n/ it was supposed to condense and replace the weeb boards like /jp/ and i think the general anime board /a/ i don't know how it ended up like it did. but i also think it's kind of characteristic of uboachan, too.

>holy shit a ghost

ty i've always wanted to be a ghost.


File: 1462665743668.jpg (20.16 KB, 500x411, zze544e_5862432.jpg)

Whenever people talk about cyborg augmentation of the brain everyone always goes straight to talk about getting hacked or having advertisements pop up all over there vision or something dumb like that.

I think the first thing we need to do is just install a calculator in our brain. Like seriously, think how much less math class and math homework we would be doing if everyone had it installed in the 3rd or 4th grade. Granted you still need to understand mathematical concepts, like ratios or averages, but it would be a lot more figuring out how to take word problems and solve them as equations, and a lot less memorizing your times tables and writing out long division.


File: 1462681140968.jpg (434.42 KB, 3000x1392, 5ffa72d194fe020ce10ce2f196….jpg)

I wish I was more careful when writing my posts and evade typos.
I also wish I had a better vocabulary. It pains me to use the same 400 words because I'm not used to others.
While we're at it, I wish I was better at expressing myself.

Languages sure are an interesting thing… no matter how many you learn, and the different shades of the same gray, you tend to stick to the simplicity of the most familiar words and expressions you can find. One would think all the vocabulary would help oneself to find new ways of saying the same thing, yet it seems to be otherwise in cases like myself.

Better at reading, worse at writing. What's even the point of it all if I can't write without needing a dictionary to realize I could use words I already know.


Your depth of awareness is commendable.


File: 1462729654502.png (200.75 KB, 500x279, gamedev.png)

It's good to socialize if you're an indie game developer, even if you don't like it, having connections is a good thing, and who knows? You may find one or two humans you like.

Don't get into romance though, it will be a distraction, focus on your goals.

If things go wrong, you can always blame Uboachan for attention, we will be glad to help.


File: 1462731148472.jpg (68.02 KB, 790x500, normalfag.jpg)

Fucking faggots posting that unicycle frog meme everywhere.


Awful advice. Good game developers are total normies that are impossible to talk to, bad game developers are disgusting autistic weeaboo faggots unable to communicate at even the most basic level.

Source: am a Steam developer, have ~5 Steam developer friends, was in /agdg/ for 3 days until realizing how faggy and useless it is


File: 1462768395088.jpg (18.88 KB, 638x262, 1338893917098.jpg)

I have confirmation.


>Good game developers are total normies that are impossible to talk to
That's why I said "even if you don't like it", having connections is important, I know it is not nice Mr. Kojima.


File: 1462769219903.jpg (71.31 KB, 506x338, tankdatingsim.jpg)

>am a Steam developer
That doesn't really show much expertise, there is a goat simulator, hell there's even a grass simulator, there are 10 minutes RPG maker games for 5 USD, want me to continue?


Post it in /ig/ badass.


I want to date PzIc-chan!


File: 1462843275224.jpg (75.33 KB, 500x281, stocking.jpg)

There is still no evidence of Kikiyama's approval for Project Yume Nikki.


What's this thing people keep calling Project Fraud and how do we know the Manga is officially approved by Kikiyama?


Well no shit Kikiyama pretty much dropped off the face of the earth after 0.10


File: 1462845760720.jpg (86.12 KB, 800x600, babel_b&w1.jpg)

That's what we've been saying for years, m8.


Can someone answer my question?


File: 1462846858757.jpg (53.21 KB, 786x392, 1338893917098.jpg)

Surfers Paradise released a Manga and novel some time ago, this thing over here http://yumenikki.net/ saying they got Kikiyama's approval and supervision, they even said Kiki would sing.
For many, this was the "Official YN manga&misc.", they are even selling some cool merchandising.

There was a mysterious countdown in that site, and SP was blasting everyone with hype, hell even Machigerita was involved in that mess.
You can see an example of the hype here: >>>/yn/1948

The thing was, that Kikiyama's website is this: http://www3.nns.ne.jp/pri/tk-mto/kikiyamaHP.html

Kiki's last update was many, many years ago, and since SP sold a lot of YN merchshit without any minimum evidence of Kiki's approval, and they lied about that song, many of us call it a Fraud.

You can learn more about our small Fraud Battle here:
Many posts were deleted and many anons banned, the third Sei died that week.


Thank you SO much for explaining it to me! I am very grateful. I feel up to date with the community now.


File: 1462848018429.png (4.32 KB, 356x224, 8-akari_smugging.png)

>they even said Kiki would sing.
I still giggle at this one.


File: 1462848043814.jpg (47.06 KB, 350x371, CGET.jpg)



File: 1462848843530.png (28 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


File: 1462890890426.jpg (82.04 KB, 850x334, owlmoefag.jpg)

Owl's favourite keion revealed.


File: 1462903390624.png (1.63 KB, 512x480, drugsarestupid.png)


Wally Bear is so kool and radical




File: 1462905354497.png (14.72 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

how did you get his posture so well?


File: 1462940311487.gif (991.92 KB, 500x281, tumblrina.gif)


File: 1462953233486.jpg (181.67 KB, 640x468, zzzz25612486.jpg)

All right, so North Korea
What if it's the other way around

What if instead of the North Korean government lying to its people about the outside world it's the governments of the outside world lying about North Korea.

What if North Korea is a paradise of flying cars and giant crystal towers but the government covers it up because that would make it look like communism works, that would make democracy look bad, the world can never know.

They raff at us


File: 1462979351479.jpg (41.56 KB, 355x450, 1299550035809.jpg)

Last time I checked, kimmy decided to cut the budget for producing food and basically invested everything in his new solid-fuel nukes, provoking a new famine status quo (again). The average citizen hates him now, even though they loved his papa.
If you want to know how shitty went everything during February, just look at what happened with the many NK restorants that are all over the word, which were responsible for sending funds to the nation. There's even a case of deserters who learned how things were in SK through doramas they saw and realized how fucked up things were.


File: 1462999538868.png (277.84 KB, 540x405, TUMBLRLOGIC.png)


File: 1463005231626.gif (1.99 MB, 365x297, NOwbZyZ.gif)

The great thing about conspiracy theories is that they don't have to make sense because you can just say to any argument of opposition "that's just what they want you to think" any argument of opposition is treated as evidence to the contrary.

I'm not serious of course, I'm just saying, that would be funny.


You kill a fucking dog and you're a dog killer.


File: 1463084901816.png (22.26 KB, 640x256, psgtrash.png)

Just recieved this, Panty&Stocking confirmed trash.


File: 1463086698811.jpg (78.06 KB, 385x750, fatherpain.jpg)


File: 1463146783329.jpg (75.94 KB, 540x477, gendereqolety.jpg)


File: 1463239941139.png (32.14 KB, 534x212, owlys.png)

Owl confirms YandereSim a shit




File: 1463263603091.jpg (14.42 KB, 512x448, 7-capture_23072011_204028.jpg)

I keep forgetting to visit this place often. Whoops.


File: 1463266852786.jpg (11.99 KB, 274x184, cunt.jpg)


File: 1463270416770.jpg (53.54 KB, 592x314, meanwhiletumblr.jpg)


While that blogger is annoying as fuck, what's the point of trying to revive drama from a year ago?


I wouldn't think anyone would get salty just from that, it's just funny.


File: 1463361103440.jpg (50.18 KB, 480x330, webb.jpg)

Tumblr eh? I follow dev. blogs there, I avoid personal blogs, somehow, posts about how evil men are, how many genders were invented last week, or frog memes always find me.


onaholes are a 10/10 purchase


Are you lolipan? The same lolipan that runs the Futureproof guild in ToS?


File: 1463399094946.jpg (9.56 KB, 340x368, puzzlepic.jpg)

I'm real sick and tired of vaguely symbolic CGI images with blank white backgrounds that don't belong anywhere but in a PowerPoint presentation


thats a ratboy genius t shirt wtf

little king john why r u here


I agree, but I forgot which sites delivered loli ones + no moneys.
Life is hard.




I am sick of chasers in YNFGs, can't villians do MORE?


Nope, gotta keep the chaser meme going strong, no originality aloud

Cliche = profit


It certainly would be fun to experience something else in YN fangames.
Is there anything in particular you would like to see?


File: 1463454483866.gif (1.87 MB, 268x280, evilspirit.gif)

Well, a "dream villian" that is not a just a chaser, they could have different mechanisms, they could summon spooky creatures that block certain areas to force you to go back, they could be something you must chase instead, they could transform you into stuff, they could they could shoot you, causing you to wake up…or maybe they could have a massive size to vary a little…they could have the form of a normal harmless NPC and transform…I don't know, the engines allow a lot of things.

To be cheap, if they are just chasers, they could brutally kill you, but at least do not clone YN tori functions.


File: 1463454981724.jpeg (213.07 KB, 716x1011, 6129ecf7253b557d6a1796545….jpeg)

Not that anon, but I have an example I'd actually like to see: Imagine a NPC doing you signs to come closer, and when you interact with him you have chances for going to pretty odd words (i.e. unreachable by normal means) or some pretty shitty areas, or even kidnapping you and stealing your effects. Like a random teleporter with chances for good, bad and really bad.
I mean, come on, doing some fuckery with the player will be actually a very big step away from the traditional boring shit, and having a character that can take you to a very tempting place or shit on you is a very nice touch. I'm bored of non-evil NPCs floating around like 2deep4u dildoes, if you follow a stranger you can't expect candies at the end of the trip, and the fucker won't run at you just yelling like a nigger.

Also traps, why hasn't anyone thought of that before? Bonus for including quality ryona.


This is turning into a good thread o_0 *takes notes*


Agreed. Noting all of this for my fangame I'm making, maybe something would fit


File: 1463471782132.jpg (208.55 KB, 600x859, tumblr_static_5sbk496m30w8….jpg)

I love driving around country roads aimlessly at 3 in the morning, it's so relaxing, even though it gets to be an expensive habit


File: 1463506780972.png (105.67 KB, 486x226, brucebanne.png)

I keep finding those lol


I fucking love being white.


We made a community guide for YNFGs should make a guide on how to be a good horror game developer.
It's the trend so why not?


Sure, we haven't jabbed anyone in a while.


Sure, let's do it. It could be fun.


File: 1463604284084.jpg (30.89 KB, 225x350, 249131.jpg)

good night anons


File: 1463605783170.png (1.84 MB, 1600x1200, cf1434270e20dfd6279fe900d5….png)

Sweet dreams.


File: 1463612441830.jpg (20.84 KB, 480x401, wannadrinkweeeeeeeeeeeeeee….jpg)

Drugs are bad


Thanks for the list.


>i can't have a good day even when it's supposed to be special



File: 1463772975753.jpg (11.57 KB, 208x229, arrrrrrr.jpg)

I'm being paid to pirate shitty games for normies, like PES, CoD, FIFA, The Sims and GTA, kids sure have shit taste nowdays.
Hell they may even like Undertale.


File: 1463888049928.png (6.06 KB, 633x522, ._dumpfile.png)

That feeling when you download 90's porn code… it's completely priceless.


File: 1463940530514.png (183.34 KB, 491x357, fucktards.png)


File: 1463979274296.jpg (214.12 KB, 1920x1080, 2016-01-21_00003.jpg)

Wilford Brimley is a type 2 hurricane with category 5 diabeetus


File: 1464030461415.png (391.31 KB, 810x642, normalfag.png)

Well done Uboachan


File: 1464032117516.gif (1.97 MB, 348x195, yaaaas.gif)


File: 1464051862562.jpg (32.69 KB, 400x217, treasure planet space ship.jpg)

I want to be taken away by an airship and made into a crew member, like in Treasure Planet or Mass Effect, and watch as earth slowly leaves my vision from a dusty window while I accept that the life of aliens and sailing is mine now. That's all I can really think about lately.


Best Disney movie


File: 1464060335179.gif (281.82 KB, 310x175, tumblr_nqer8uTP3E1uorfmmo1….gif)

Damn right it is, Anon. Nice to see a fellow fan.


"I'm Still Here" is still one of my favorite songs, I used to watch this movie 4 times a day


Mine too. It's been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. I'll never forget the scene at the end between Silver and Jim. Even as a kid, it managed to leave an impact on me. When after everything that happened, that bond they had… Man. Still can't fully explain why I felt so strongly or what I felt when I saw it, but I think it taught me something. And, well… Yeah. Let's just say it'll always be a close favorite to me. And that I've blasted "I'm Still Here" way too often.


Or the scene after Mr. Arrows death, where Silver talks to Jim..that one moved me. A lot. I have "I'm Still Here" on a cd in my car, along with "Always Know Where You Are", I jam out


Dude, stop. You're making me re-visit these scenes and get all emotional. "You've got the makings of greatness in you." Man, does that line gets me every time I see it…
But it's still pretty cool to see I'm not the only one in love with this film. Been feeling a little down and sick of people lately, so this was nice. If you ever wanna drop by an email sometime and talk, I'd be up for it.


I almost used it as my senior year quote, but instead changed it to something about bacon. Sure, I'd be down, the only email I have that doesn't have my name in it is mikuleroux@gmail.com, you seem cool


File: 1464108976616.jpg (36.68 KB, 490x278, nhk.jpg)

I have a devblog in tumblr, I hate that place but I need to spread my game, when I started it I was like "if I only follow game blogs and dev related stuff the cancer won't get me".

Everyday I see how people love to show themselves as a bunch of labels, like showing off their mentall illinesses, I read how feminists describe all white CIS males as potential rapists, how SJWs and anti-SJWs struggle for being cancerous dipshits, or how I am a bigot appropiating a culture for eating a fucking taco, there are also devs I want to follow, but they happen to be into all that shit.

I even know some feminists outside of tumblr, and they are nice to me, like, they don't talk to men as if they were dangerous by default…so I'm sure the shit is just in that site.

I need the blog, but, fuck.


Okay, cool. My email is Alienawayfrommars@gmail.com.


Sweet, I'll send you an email

That's Tumblr in a nutshell. It's only Tumblr. Literally, I know many feminists in person and none of them are like that, it's just that site. I mostly use that site for my dev blog as well, and I also love seeing some of the art, I try my best to avoid the void on there


I know too many feminazis in real life, and it's not just tumblr, it's facebook and twitter and even instagram, youtube…any, literally ANY social media.


Hmm, guess I've just been lucky then


I guess tumblr really damaged the image of the sane ones.


I know quite a few sane ones, but normally the femnazis come from Tumblr. I'm guessing the ones on other medias leak over from there, too, at least from my experience I've never experienced extreme cases from anywhere except that site


guise i kno, im gonna make a horror rpgmaker gaem xD


File: 1464232739075.gif (896.31 KB, 267x199, 903b3297fcf9767008d98f7b59….gif)

You know, If 2016 and we are STILL breathing air.
I mean, it was cute 340 million years ago but it's just getting old.

People seem to get upset about air pollution and destruction of the atmosphere but that's really just beating around the bush, the real issue is our dependence on air.

We need a word for this… Alternative Environmentalism
finding alternative to environmentally rooted survival


File: 1464273730648.jpg (25.81 KB, 320x320, coffee.jpg)


File: 1464377622231.jpg (46.38 KB, 540x304, awkward.jpg)

That caught my attention, very interesting, I think the sane ones should let the boat burn and form a new group, one that shows they want gender equality and not just being sexist cunts.

With a new name and all, something like "gender equalists", "gender rights activists" etc… feminism is associated with…the popular stuff, let's call it the Anita effect.

Tumblr feminism ruined feminism in a political degree, another side effect is that they treat retarded stuff as serious issues, like "hurr there are not enough girls in gaems" or "there are no girls in profession emojis T_T".

There are lots of these "issues" and they trivialize the whole gender equality thing, I mean, women get stoned to death in Islamic shitholes for retarded moral laws, are we seriously discussing fucking emojis?

I would tell them, I really would, but I don't know where to find the sane feminists, I bet they are like gold dust, but if they exist I feel bad for them, it's unfair to be called sexist because people on your group act like crazy bitches.

I wouldn't know how to talk to them either, it's hard to share your point of view when the other person thinks you want to rape them.


Feminism is a cancer that's unfortunately winning.


Hello, feminist here, but I hate to call myself a feminist due to the crazies that inhabit the Internet and changed the meaning of the word. It would be cool if a new group formed most definitely, I hate that the crazy ones slander the name of the sane ones who want common equality on important issues. The dumb emoji shit and things of the like make me want to vomit, it's so pointless and the constant men-hating from femnazis also makes me want to vomit as well. Men aren't inherently bad and neither are women, so people should stop hating and focus on actually making progress towards equal treatment of both genders. Both males and females experience unfair treatment in different ways and it's gotta stop. Stupid radicals.


File: 1464407166157.jpg (88.82 KB, 643x960, feminism not even once.jpg)

Why do you even call yourself a feminist? The movement pretty clearly isn't yours now, the crazies outnumber you.


For lack of a better term. I do like the sound of Gender Activist, though. Normally I like to steer clear of saying I'm a feminist, but for the sake of showing that we are not all raging shitheads, I used the term.


>Gender Activist
That's almost worse.

Why not just stay out of it? There's nothing good on either side of the argument.

You may as well tell us your opinions on gender/'sexism' anyway.


I'm simply humanist.


File: 1464464101636.png (63.67 KB, 664x448, rpgmakerlove.png)

More RPG maker love


Stolen? Are they talking like, actually stolen, or do they not that graphics/tilesets/sounds/music/etc can be licensed for commercial use? 'cuz a tonne of rpgmaker games use the same resource packs.


File: 1464469642530.jpg (220.14 KB, 850x677, RPGmaker devs.jpg)

It doesn't matter how those resources were licensed; playing 20 games with the same tilesets doesn't feel that different or original, specially when very famous titles used them.
They literally feel "stolen" (and actually, a great deal of tiles are used without addressing the original sources, so it's not completely wrong).

Imagine if yume nikki used RTP, the game's quality would have lowered a lot.


That game just had RTP graphics, dude there thinks they are stolen.

There's a lot of misinformation about RPG maker outside our little communities.

This person is wrong, but when people see a game made with RPG Maker they think:

>Another pseudo retro clone

>Everything there is already prepared for the "developer"
>Takes no effort
>Meme game

There are isolated exceptions, though.


Honestly, you're a fucking feminist? Go crawl in a hole somewhere. I cannot, CANNOT say it more sincerely than I am right now. I don't think I've ever said anything to anyone so sincerely. I cannot explain with human vocabulary how fucking sick people are of you and your stupid kind. The word sick cannot even be close to defining it.


File: 1464502221192.jpg (124.64 KB, 778x583, OUT OF MY UBUU!.jpg)

>ubuu is discussing feminism and womyn
See sei?


File: 1464535303361.png (5.04 KB, 262x58, ubuufeminist.png)

Welp, time to delete the site and move to Sushi or lainchan.


I don't blame you. One of their kind (feminists) has made its way here. Abandon ship, it is now infested.


File: 1464544178220.gif (926.44 KB, 320x240, uboachannow.gif)



File: 1464544707723.jpg (12.51 KB, 499x243, 57457.jpg)

Oh, look. A bunch of extremists arguing over what people decide to call themselves. Again. Like it's not just beating a dead horse for the millionth time. 90% sure none of you want women to be subservient, or believe that one gender is somehow better than the other, so can we all stop fighting over whether some dude likes to label themselves a feminist or equalist or whatever if you all share the same goddamn base opinion anyway?
Seriously. I wasn't even going to bother butting into this dumbass conversation at first, but I see enough of this sorta shit on practically every other site, and I'm sick of it filling up the recent posts. So unless you disagree on actual political beliefs, not just titles, try to shut the fuck up.


File: 1464545068310.jpg (31.75 KB, 600x338, femshit.jpg)

>none of you want women to be subservient, or believe that one gender is somehow better than the other
As if feminism was about that, go back to fagblr.


>So unless you disagree on actual political beliefs, not just titles, try to shut the fuck up.
Delusional. So you would accept a neo-Nazi if they believe exterminating black people and jews is wrong.
You would also accept a NAMBLA(North American Man/Boy Love Association) if they believe sex with kids is wrong.
The title is important, because you're associating yourself with the beliefs it represents, you don't re-define a political movement for not acting like the rest.


>A bunch of extremists arguing over what people decide to call themselves
> unless you disagree on actual political beliefs, not just titles, try to shut the fuck up.
Hypocrite, using a title means you identify yourself with the ideals of a group, that feminist KNEW their movement is full of crazy sexist monsters so she/he decided to be clear about it, which is perfectly fine and deserves my respect.
But not you, calling us extremists for debating controversy, fuck off to tumblr.


As far as I can see, >>15336 stands for the exact thing you guys stand for. I'm not saying I agree with what feminism has become, but what it stands for hasn't changed just because of the extremists. And >>15354, having an extreme opposition to another political title, to the point where you'd practicably ostracize someone for calling themselves a feminist, is being an extremist. If you're not open to other political opinions, and vehemently believe another political group is made up of pure evil or all the same, then you're an extremist. I'm not trying to create controversy. As I said before, I wasn't even planning to interfere at first. Since just interfering creates controversy in an argument like this. Just standing up for >>15336 because I disagreed with how the anons here were basically ignoring everything they said, except for the fact that they call themselves a feminist.


File: 1464546863116.jpg (239.17 KB, 778x583, OUT OF MY UBUU!2.jpg)


How about you all turds leave my ubuu and take all your gay womyn shit and "Muh feelings about this" OUT.

Fucking cancer. I miss the times when imageboards didn't have this stupid bullshit around.


>having an extreme opposition to another political title, to the point where you'd practicably ostracize someone for calling themselves a feminist, is being an extremist.
No one did that you lying tumblrbot. The feminist ITT replied to someone complaining about feminists, she/he was specific by saying "I don't like the bad feminists" knowing the group is full of negative people, then anons asked him/her why would they call themselves feminists then? Which is reasonable. That feminist is worth responding, there was a civil imageboard debate and two anons memeing who didn't even talk to the feminist.

There was no flame here until you came with
>Discuss it my way or STFU!


>>15356 is right.


>to the point where you'd practicably ostracize
What!? Did we rape her too? are you going to post it in your blog?


>People talking about leaving the site since a feminist showed up
>Honestly, you're a fucking feminist? Go crawl in a hole somewhere.
>Not ostracizing
Okay, man.


>>People talking about leaving the site since a feminist showed up
…Assuming this is not a joke of yours, do you know what a joke is? A meme maybe? Ever saw how people do the same everytime something out of the ettiquete happens? Like hikki, vomitive shithole, seriously, none of these fuckers will leave, newfag.
>Honestly, you're a fucking feminist? Go crawl in a hole somewhere.
>Not ostracizing
This is a fucking imageboard's off topic board…
Feminism is known for being an horrendous sexist hate movement around here, someone came here saying "Feminist here" someone telling them we're sick of their kind, like "how sick people are of your stupid kind" is something you must expect…that doesn't delete the previous debate, neither the dank memes.
Go to tumblr saying you browse /pol/ but you are not racist, please go, but first…

Assuming you don't know about how we talk here, pelase tell me another example of how we were bullying the feminist, you said a bunch of extremists, if that pitiful generalization is what you call "a bunch of extremists" you should have just posted >Discuss my way or shut the fuck up


So this post >>15346 is what you call our "ostracizing" and "extreme opposition"?
I don't have a reaction image for this.


>Baby's first imageboard
Sorry man, I owe you an apology, I would never think you would consider tha post #extremism #ostracizing from a group of savages like us.


Ever been called a fucking faggot or nigger? They are not exactly insults here


>discuss my way or stfu
And my way is… What exactly? Look, I'll admit that maybe I didn't see the funny side of saying they're going to leave a site because someone showed up, but I never said that you were bulling the anon who called themselves a feminist. (though I should point out that nobody said anything to the anon who who told them to crawl into a hole) Just that I'm sick of people arguing about feminism for the millionth time. But hey, if you can't handle a little opposition without calling it names or telling it to fuck off back to some website that is again bastardized because of the extremists on it, then fine. Discuss whatever the fuck you want. I don't care. Just go back to fucking your dank memes.


>And my way is… What exactly?
your way is unless you disagree on actual political beliefs, not just titles, try to shut the fuck up.
Nothing wrong with that, but it's JUST YOUR OPINION, I believe titles are important, I won't try to shut the fuck up.

>if you can't handle a little opposition without calling it names or telling it to fuck off back to some website that is again bastardized because of the extremists on it

From the person who calls imageboard anons extremists for one post telling a feminist we're fucking sick of feminists and tells us to shut the fuck up if we don't think like you, you couldn't handle your own post without calling people names, and you had no oposition.

>Just go back to fucking your dank memes.

Finally! Now we can be friends faggot.


File: 1464550466099.gif (962.34 KB, 500x257, 685865.gif)

…Alright, faggot. Fair enough.


File: 1464550830829.png (531.8 KB, 540x633, reallife.png)

You know why this happens? Because we talk about real life, we should be above that.


Agreed, although it was kinda nice seeing Ubuu being so active for a few hours.


Uboachan could be active all the time if only you were willing to believe hard enough.


Fuck off, Shiroh.




File: 1464573212112.gif (312.3 KB, 200x200, eat-popcorn-3D_zps8afb900e….gif)

Well that was certainly something.


File: 1464737016278.png (202.51 KB, 481x654, 5a0155aafe301403cf29e51fda….png)

>you will never taste the 2D forbidden fruit
Why live


File: 1464786513187.jpg (125.56 KB, 644x582, 1370650976120.jpg)


Climate change is a fraud and not real.


do you have a facebook
do you go outside

which one was this from? higurashi was wasted potential man


RIP Uboachan, it had a community.


File: 1464833123403.jpg (12.46 KB, 250x215, 何て時代だ.jpg)


Seriously though, I hope the feminist left, I genuinely do. We don't want nor need this stupid bullshit here. Holy fuck.


File: 1464835256366.gif (1.94 MB, 300x169, shitpostingcat.gif)

Here we go!


File: 1464835358561.jpg (472.05 KB, 1280x960, 814b9d48cd1d3ec3e274c35af2….jpg)

It's a shoop.
Fuck man, I remember when I read the last 3 novels, hoping the ending wouldn't be that bad. How fucking naive.
At least the doujinshi featuring Rika are good.


We had, now I just see pedophiles, sexist pigs, and pseudo "devs" bragging in /ig/, shit, this site has only like three "devs" who are active anyway.


Fucking pedophile, this thread is gross, full of pathetic virgins hating on women, and a pedophile.


File: 1464838166365.jpeg (92.42 KB, 800x600, 0e48c9f875d1b9de29efde598….jpeg)

Cute, a newfag.
So, how long have you been visiting the internet? Facebook and tumblr are that way if imageboards are too extreme for your taste.


File: 1464839132735.png (147.21 KB, 381x259, 7791d71d849ced4e0d2f9d65e1….png)

Okay this thread is getting ridiculous. We've been monitoring it for a while and I feel the need to step in now. Everyone needs to calm down, this is /ot/ not /pol/.

We have no rules against loli or personal/political feminist opinions. If you feel it's something the moderation team should look into, we have a report function and mods are available in the IRC.

I will lock this thread and ban any repeat offenders if this continues.


Umineko's ending was way worse though.


File: 1464842917943.png (60.5 KB, 385x357, 1462468665001.png)

Umineko's plot overall was shit. Like, seriously? "We're dead but let's pretend we're not and guess how we are going to die this time LOL!". I didn't have hopes for it at all. It was one of the most forced ideas ever
Higurashi, on the other hand, started like a mystery story that had chances to be paranormal and human-made at the same time. That's why it was interesting. For moments it really did make you think oyashiro-sama was behind it all. But nah, "let's say it was aliens, and the power of friendship will save the day!".

However, umineko was just "Look, I made a copy of agatha christie's stories in a japanese (actually western!) setting involving "magic" and a dickgirl".

The OST was pretty rad though. But the game barely makes a 2/10.


Which staff member wud u fugg?


File: 1464921389107.webm (3.14 MB, 640x480, 1464732290001.webm)



I wonder if /ig/ has a future.


File: 1464930086820.png (436.07 KB, 778x800, cirno193.png)



File: 1465082807592.png (11.98 KB, 490x136, realproblems.png)

Have you paid your menstrual taxes, Anon?


File: 1465118033064.jpg (23.63 KB, 512x384, 1450947371003.jpg)

I'm somehow disappointed even if I expected this NEET to have no money. He would have bought me Touhou Gensou Rondo otherwise. All that ""effort"" put into a con job for nothing.


Forgot to specify that it was the LE. No artbooks for me…


File: 1465162554630.png (210.31 KB, 389x386, 14396133940.png)

When you meet up with someone from Uboachan and they turn out to be a stalker "closet tranny" with projection issues and a money leech with bad hygiene.

I'm sticking with normal dating sites for now on…


>they turn out to be a stalker "closet tranny"
Man you say that like that's a bad thing.


File: 1465165779717.gif (925.28 KB, 490x275, Neo.gif)

How would that be a good thing?

I'm really starting to feel like Neo now because I definity dodged a bullet by not being around chan goers in real life anymore.

Not good for your mental health.


It's good because someone is living their life in a way that makes them happy? You don't have to like dicks, but you don't have to insult people either. The leech/stalker thing is a different subject and you should be glad you got away from them for that.


File: 1465169670821.jpg (444.16 KB, 1920x1010, neo2.jpg)

Whatever someone likes the D or not is their business but I wouldn't want them projecting their burdens unto me, relating to the D or otherwise and being unstable even after I pull my weight to make it easier. He wasn't even a "pass" and when people get into such a lifestyle they better be ready for the judgment they will get…

Yeah, that stalker shit was something else.
It's never okay to follow people around online without their knowledge.




File: 1465185899073.jpg (26.34 KB, 318x474, 1442485657050.jpg)

Just your standard creeper type stalking, learning what sites I use and keeping note of everything I say. Using it as a weapon against me at a moments notice.

This person also told he's been stalking some regular users of this site, I should of saw that red flag and got out of dodge before I got too involved with him.

I gave too many 2nd chances…
He's most likely reading this now but I don't care.
He also has friends threatening to release a doxx on me, me talking about this feels like I'm giving sage advise on meeting chan goers.

One of the bigger nutjobs I've been with.


File: 1465186257059.png (184.69 KB, 298x360, gnuu.png)

>this person also told he's been stalking some regular users of this site
>He also has friends threatening to release a doxx on me
Fucking hackers!

Stalker-chan please don't dox me, all I do is shitposting and pretending it's 2012. Maidnaut would get mad too.


ye i'll permaban doxxers for life the second i see them even if it's fake


Jokes on you because I'll…
>even if it's fake


File: 1465186950629.jpg (203.88 KB, 700x437, distortion.jpg)

We should let Distortion capture the criminals, he's used to it.


For some reason I feel obligated to comment on this but am difficulty thinking of the exact thing to say.

But it's alright because
*I participated*
so everything is fine now.


File: 1465187469743.jpg (23.59 KB, 400x276, leave_the_internet.jpg)

>Your whole family was brutally murdered, but don't worry, it's okay because *I participated*, so it's alright now.


File: 1465187566250.gif (121.98 KB, 228x216, reitriggered.gif)

You faggots sure like to have fun in private, why not sharing the drama back then? I thought we were a fun community.


File: 1465187969152.jpg (305.55 KB, 1916x1080, 1461888594674.jpg)

See >>13160


File: 1465188074387.png (12.01 KB, 384x384, 1149378511966.png)

Oddly enough he said he has lots on him…something about an underground tupla/ERP ring. Honestly I've been on this site for awhile but I never payed much mind to what any of the trips did.

I just minded my own business and I somehow got thrusted into weird things I never knew about.

Like the plot to some weird anime.


File: 1465188398635.jpg (42.25 KB, 720x486, 1002566_357037951065773_11….jpg)

There was a tulpa ERP ring and I wasnt invited? Do I have to make another tulpa thread to remind you fucking people what it is I do?


File: 1465357435425.png (161.23 KB, 540x412, cocktails.png)


File: 1465404663301.png (114.76 KB, 432x312, fattyanon.png)

I'm looking for fatty anon, has anyone seen them?


They are dead.


File: 1465408003951.jpg (74.48 KB, 540x720, confused monoko.jpg)

Both jellyfish and cucumbers are 90% percent water. Still, they have almost nothing in common.


File: 1465447176220.jpg (1.56 MB, 1920x2560, Jumping_spider_hunting_a_g….jpg)

NEETs can be just about as shit as normies, they just don't know how to cope with the shittiness of others.

I've been here 3 or 4 years now. In that time I've been ostracized by the trips in their little weird ERP hell (no big loss but it was still kinda bullshit), lost what claimed to be friends, had bullshit claimed about me, etc.

Kyoko: you seemed like a decent enough person but would cling to personality-issue ridden shits for the sake of being useful, being needed, being appreciated. Essentially, you were very self-loathing and wanted validation. Natural enough. But your ability for judgment was and is shit enough you would consider the opinion of a twofaced, idiotic teenager equal that of friends you've had longer, abandon them when they were no longer convenient, with no real explanation. And that's not good, or decent. You were also sensitive enough you ran off essentially because of (probably crossdressing) weebs who were overly concerned about cirnoposts.
So… Yeah. You're something.

Hobo: you are that twofaced retarded teenager and shit all over me basically because a braindamaged drug addict spread shit about me. And god forbid if you should actually listen when I point out that fact.

Satri: you are that braindamaged drug addict. You got abused less by your father than mine. You have no excuse other than being a borderline fuck. I thought I could trust you and you just took every opportunity to fuck me. You deserve nothing, and you probably will get none.

Distortion: you are and always have been a massive autist. You don't even understand why half your friends left you, but I do, and if I ever saw you I would let you know why myself. The only one who would ever sympathize with you is someone completely deluded, degenerate and autistic. Someone who decided to be a girl when they were clearly an ugly boy, whose life is drugs and insanity.

Izumi: you are that person. Aren't you proud.

As for the bipolar dago, well, I got even with you without meaning to. Funny how they liked me more anyway, eh? Still, I'd tried to be nice to you, so that was dumb.

Now. This has all been a massive amount of bullshit for the bast majority of you, the anons. I'm sorry to you for that. I just felt this was necessary to have any self-respect in the longrun, trips are bullshit.
… Including me, you're thinking, but let me tell you this at least. You already know this, but let me remind you: life will take no pity on you, no mercy. What you get, you get for yourselves. I'm sorry life has been cruel to so many of you. I understand that myself. But it's pretty damn possible to pull yourself up, to work, to find something you're good at, to leave the stagnant bog of self-perpetuating self-loathing nothingness. I am. You can too. I believe in you. Good luck.

Sei, I've always respected you and seen you as relatable. Ban me. I don't really mind or care, and I have nothing against you. Good luck pulling this place out of the shitter.


Oh, also, if these posts DO last, to those actual friends from here: thank you. You know who you are. Niggas be fake as shit but not you. I love you.


I think putting all your dirty laundry with other people out in the open here is kind of a giant asshole thing to do, but I'm not going to ban you just for that because you're not violently attacking those users or doxing them, you're just showing off your beef, on /ot/. Which is again, fucked up man seriously.

Uboachan is a small boat with a hole in it floating in an ocean of shit and I have a bucket. All I can do is keep scooping shit over the side so it takes longer for all of us to drown in shit. In the meantime there are still good things about the site that I think are worth preserving as long as possible, despite, you know, all the shit.


See? Anyone else would've instantly perma'd me and swept all under the rug, mocked me. You're a decent person, deserve a better community, and I'm sorry bad shit happened with you. Have a nice life.


File: 1465449467647.png (97.92 KB, 430x165, uboachan.png)

Such a day we had today…


File: 1465451820708.jpg (19.92 KB, 653x435, crying woman.jpg.653x0_q80….jpg)

>tfw anon doesn't mention you


File: 1465452279021.jpg (53.2 KB, 600x445, uboachan.jpg)

I can do it for him if you want, but sei's already having too much work doing reverse-engineering to prevent the shit flooding. If you want to give him more work just give me green light and I will shoot.


>tfw you want attention but then people might think you're responsible for encouraging a negative atmosphere

wow fuck i have to make choices


File: 1465456236830-0.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, seapig.jpg)

File: 1465456236830-1.jpg (158.06 KB, 1920x1080, upsidedownjellyfish.jpg)

They're both squishy invertebrates, and sea pigs, a type of sea cucumber, are mostly just gelatinous goop like jellyfish, and there also upside down jellyfish that sit on the bottom like sea cucumbers.


File: 1465459988063.png (304.07 KB, 1024x576, spider_jerusalem_wallpaper….png)

It was a joint decision not to ban you between Sei and I. Nobody gives a shit what you say in the random thoughts thread, man. There are rules but we only even enforce them if its causing a big stir.


Tell me more about marine creatures.


I fucked shit up so bad today fucking lol wtf


File: 1465543842475.jpg (92.92 KB, 512x483, 1458478274907.jpg)

Why am I even trying.


You'll figure it out eventually.



Humans will never experience what love is like to anglerfish.


Love is wonderful


File: 1465681110394.png (64.14 KB, 486x473, tumblr_static_c7xzpzs1rrc4….png)

Yes. It's wonderful to be able to connect to someone.


What did you do?


I think I saw those characters before but I'm not sure where…would you refresh my memory please?


They're from Forest of Drizzling Rain, it's an RPG horror


File: 1465690749774.png (177.53 KB, 620x876, divideandconquer.png)

So I found a petition from a group of lesbians wanting the L out of LGTB.
>and then there is this asshole


He's not an asshole, he's a fucking genius!!


File: 1465697752204.jpg (72.87 KB, 400x225, 1464923920602.jpg)

>revealing secret plans
Fucker ruined the operation, now it will take more effort to destroy them.



LGBT people don't breed…….because they are deviants. They're the cause of their own extinction.


File: 1465701213800.webm (7.93 MB, 640x360, Sozialistische Weltrepubl….webm)

They may not breed but it's contagious, we must stop the infection from spreading further among our youngsters.


File: 1465751031940.png (602.01 KB, 1282x802, gthnjmungb.png)

I'm shocked when DeviantArt's interface had changed to a 'touch screen' one when it came to searching for Mandibuzz while playing Zuma's Revenge online today.
DeviantArt's old interface had some image information (comments on/off, etc.) whenever you search for things…
Original (this was me complaining about the sparkleskullz YN image, but I placed it there because the interface had changed, so please ignore my writing):


You're a blessing for this site.


Aww thanks.
I'm getting used to this. Anyways, the dog YN image still exists within the site.
Other comments 'off' examples:
- One of the MLP Creator games
- CreepyJellyfish sprites
- etc.


File: 1465966522815.jpg (66.01 KB, 540x374, me1.jpg)


File: 1466491018018.jpg (407.38 KB, 1200x630, irisu3.jpg)


Lately, I've been observing an attitude I never minded too much and how it's been worsening.

I wouldn't call myself depressed or anything of the sort, but after dynamic a period of time (usually 4 months), I tend to go from a relatively normal mood to hyper-activity and/or a really down mood. While those times I'm feeling low are nothing really deep or serious, If I had to describe it, it's as if the desire for activity and action abandons me. I feel engulfed by passivism, the no action. Staying awake feels like dozing. An uncanny sensation of unreality surrounds me. I feel completely out of the loop.

During the day, I'm always on auto-mode. While I'm normally like this when I have to get out of my house, when inside I always try to relax and be myself. But now I feel like a puppet, being controlled by a me that's out of my body. All of my movements feel fake, slow and premeditated. And once I get my hands on my computer, the only time I can enjoy myself, I feel discouraged to try and do anything at all. I stare at the screen blankly, my hands on the keyboard or under my chin, while the playlist rolls unstoppably. My limbs feel heavy, my head hurts, my eyes feel tired, my eyelids feel heavy too. So I lean my head against the back side of the chair and look at the ceiling. My screen then turns off, and I feel as if I was becoming one with the darkness in my room while the music resounds in my ears. It's been many years since I do this thing, but it's always been really pleasing; addictive. It feels even better when it's raining outside. It's almost as if I could feel my existence fading slowly, until the moment I do not exist anymore.

My brain reacts to this paradox by shooting many questions. How long has it been already? Is there any meaning on this? What's to come from all of this? Was it a good choice? Is it really okay?
Ah really, is it really okay? My life is simple, my desires are simple, yet I feel trapped. Something is missing. Relief.
Relief. I want to achieve it one day. I'm striving really hard. Just what is my "relief"? I don't know, I wish I did.

I'm no one in particular, and I have a very simple life, without many problems. My major fear is that I'm actually making a problem out of something that isn't one… because if I were, then I'd be no different from the people I hate. Why is this happening? Everything is okay, then what is this anxiety? Just what do I want?

I'm getting older, and day by day I feel less inclined in participating at all. I feel I'm at the limit of something; on one side, my life as it is, and as it will be. On the other, some kind of dark future I can't see. The color is faded. There are no lights there. I'm completely blind to whatever happens there. It makes me nervous, because I don't want to take a step to either side.

Lately, I've been asking myself the same question again and again. Just why do I keep trying?

Ah, if only I could stop all this teeny ranting. I wish I had a switch for this shit.


I just had a silly idea, imagine the Mortal Kombat song
except instead of "test your might" it's "test your wife"
and instead of shouting Mortal Kombat it's "domestic violence"

domestic violence the fighting game


File: 1466721689044.png (51.56 KB, 299x223, reimthink.png)

Day by day, decay.
Not that important, though, is it?
Time isn't that valuable when we've got so much of it.


My father beat mom .


Do you see a psychologist? You probably should, it could really help.
Other than that I would suggest you try sleeping more, eating healthier, jerking it less, taking jogs or exercising, socializing and in general staying away from the computer.
The constant input of noise and light from a computer screen tend to dull our senses and it sounds like yours have become massively overwhelmed.
Try any of these and I would bet that funny disconnected feeling would lessen.
All the symptoms you described usually stem from a shut in life style with a notable lack of vitamin D.


Well damn that got really dark really quickly…


You can do it, do it for waifu.


File: 1466795334268.jpg (109.17 KB, 960x720, CCS6.jpg)

>Do you see a psychologist? You probably should, it could really help.
I've never seen any therapist, and honestly I doubt it would work, even if I could afford it. I'm too closed of a person, so I don't really trust people and opening up to someone IRL would be completely out of character and would have a negative reaction on me instead. That's why I usually vent on imageboards.

>Other than that I would suggest you try sleeping more, eating healthier, jerking it less, taking jogs or exercising, socializing and in general staying away from the computer.

My sleep schedule is shit, I've been trying to fix that. I actually eat healthy, and I've been forcing myself to exercise in my room at least 1 hour per day. Music is a great help for that.
About spanking the monkey, well, nowadays I only jerk off the necessary amount only to evade wet dreams. I invest my other time reading and learning stuff, or at least I do when I'm feeling ok.

Socializing is hard. I can't connect with people, I really get drained and bored when I have to spend time with others. On college I normally ignore everyone but the teacher and cope with the little interaction I've gotta pull by pretending to be talking with some kind of advanced A.I., all while I'm constantly checking my watch in order to go back to my house and be alone as soon as possible. Needless to say, I'm a friendless loner, and dealing with people is more of a hassle than a relief. Honestly, I can cope without it.
About cutting the computer usage… VNs have been, ironically, my main source of "socialization" for the past 7 years or so, aside from 1 contact I talk to through the wired. But I've actually tried to use my computer less and use that time instead for reading some physical books I have around, watching old movies and studying things I like or trying to develop some encryption methods too. It's been fun and a great distraction overall, but I still get this feeling of detachment when it all is over.

>All the symptoms you described usually stem from a shut in life style with a notable lack of vitamin D.

I wouldn't know if shut-in is the appropriate adjective here. I do get out everyday for college and buying stuff, spending up to 6 hours outside my house. On the other hand, I barely go out if not needed, and spend the rest of my day holed up. Maybe asocial would be a more appropriator term? I don't know, I hate these labels, they make me feel I'm trying hard to be a snowflake or something.
You're right on the vitamin D part though. I hate the sun, too warm and shinny, I'd rather be underground… but I will see if I can stand at least 10 minutes in my backyard and face that motherfucker.

Thanks anon, I will try.


Today I saw some little kid wearing a Batman shirt complete with a small cape attached to the back.
I remember when I was little and had one of those…


File: 1466914189651.png (327.2 KB, 940x820, YN986.png)

It's been twelve years since version 0.00 of YN was released.
Happy birthday Madotsuki.


File: 1466914551293.jpeg (232.09 KB, 1234x1153, c1a44d556968de96457f0e59b….jpeg)

I was hoping nobody would remember so I could complain about it tomorrow. Whatever.



I don't see what's great in Charon games, seriously, the stories are mostly linear and predictable….the characters are very simple, their dialogues fail to generate any emotion…it's all full of cliches…

I don't see why people love them.


I had to google who the fuck Charon was.
>They tend to make visual novel-styled games revolving around the yandere trope

Sounds like shit.

Yes, people have shit taste, anon, get used to it.


File: 1466964297100.jpg (45.75 KB, 540x255, lolbrits.jpg)

I predict socialism.


File: 1466965079746.jpeg (438.83 KB, 1980x1402, 5c073435d7a4a83081e3e3dd2….jpeg)

But muh freedoms!

All jokes aside though, I'm interested in what is Russia going to do now. This is definitely going to tear the European alliance more, and I can already see Germany proposing to eliminate the sanctions put for the Crimea Takeover. Taking in mind all the invasion activity going on Ukraine right now and the military fuss both US and URSS had the past week, plus the (null) anti-nuclear shield the NATO built in Poland, things are definitely going to move faster thanks to this, while at the same time being ignored by people and the media due to the "shocking" news of britfags regretting their choice. I'm suspecting Russia is aiming to cut eastern Ukraine and annex it too.

We're living in interesting times.


File: 1467094930561.jpg (220.73 KB, 1280x960, everything will be FIRE.jpg)

I feel like inside a trolley going downwards on a really steep hill. There are no brakes whatsoever either.


Life is a downward slope, and you're getting punched in the face the whole way down, and it never ends.


File: 1467142063555.png (11.85 KB, 530x98, special.png)

When I think in "Features" I imagine a developer would write something like…
>Game mechanics
>x hours of gameplay
>Multiple Endings?
>original art? music?
Something like that.
So today I was browsing fagblr to see if I could find something interesting in the RPG maker tags, and I found a game with what you see in file as its features.

Laughed for literal 3 minutes.


c'mon man not sei too you guys can't all have such pessimistic worldviews at least someone here has to be changing their reality

i hope your emotional state was just different than it typically is i mean i know i post that way all the time so its cool


Dude chill, it's just a little quote a friend and I came up with a while back to describe how life is constantly throwing curveballs. I don't think life is hopeless or anything.



Happy murrica day! Take your Big Macs and your guns and celebrate.


File: 1467604168117.jpg (30.05 KB, 470x300, putin tank.jpg)

Happy days, faggots… enjoy it while you can…


i remember one time back when i was roleplaying i introduced big macs into the scene because i wanted the other guy to leave me alone


looking back that wasn't really a fantastic strategy in the furry fandom now was it


File: 1467607482505.png (242.2 KB, 500x421, 1373030102489649.png)

Happy Murrica to all the Murricans on here


File: 1467659757627.gif (1.49 MB, 540x244, tumblr_inline_o9p7dqJe0R1s….gif)

Happy 'blowing someone up with colors in the name of freedom' day!


tfw tumblr people say I'm homophobic for calling them faggots.


File: 1467758684469.png (202.68 KB, 502x288, rty6ut6re.PNG)


I would like you to imagine an parallel universe

Great, now that parallel universe is imagining you


I've rediscovered this board every few years for now too many years for me to count and each time I'm amazed by how this site managed to survive and barely change.


we are the cockroach in the amber
perfect by design
the same as we were 73 million years ago
and just as we will be 73 million years in the future


File: 1467913961529.jpg (97.29 KB, 540x389, dindunuffin.jpg)

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