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File: 1455818676165.png (145.03 KB, 510x635, 145581730537.png)


What will answers be, if I ask you one question constantly?


File: 1455820287713.png (33.13 KB, 512x320, 014.png)



Why, the same answer, of course.
Which brings us another question.


File: 1455839614741.jpg (212.65 KB, 737x1000, 145581952534.jpg)

What will it be, if I ask you the same question constantly?


The same answer is enough.
What a strange riddle we have got.
Should replies also be questions?


File: 1455892692208.jpg (83.47 KB, 700x727, 145581680091.jpg)

It depends on what result you want achieve.
If I ask you the question again and constantly, what will you answer?


Honestly it is not, correct and authentic answer.
Why not? Why I ask it constantly, I don't break logic.
So, What's your answer on the question?


File: 1455903663530.jpg (48.37 KB, 400x596, お人形さん.jpg)



File: 1455907476826.jpeg (32.53 KB, 500x500, 0.jpeg)

For your same questions.
Just replying in succession.
For questions demand answers.
Like love brings depression.


File: 1456005044624.png (213.94 KB, 1280x1024, Screenshot from 2016-02-14….png)

Nur für lolz, mein freund!
Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muss man schweigen.
Was antwortest du mir, falls ich frage dich mein Frage noch einmal? Ich verstehe dein Japanisch nicht.

Don't say that love is bad.

Love makes you free,
'Cause you will not be in this reality,
when must answer to my question constantly
And read my awful poems!

I can ASK you
This not difficult TASK so.


File: 1456009202345.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.61 KB, 280x320, 0.jpg)

My cooking is indeed terrible.
The poems of now taste so bitter.
But i try to make them bearable.
By pouring fake glitter.

I ask you this riddle of voids.
How would we know our true beauty.
If told so by an army of androids,
Ignoring a real person cutie?


File: 1456011049279.jpg (Spoiler Image, 749.67 KB, 850x1133, 145600262583.jpg)

You're cool, mate. I spent 1h to write my shitty poem! But you do it so beauty and cutie, that I can say that you WON!!
So, I've not got an answer to my interesting question yet: What will answers be, if I ask you one question every time?


File: 1456013663424.jpg (57.77 KB, 640x1024, 0.jpg)

If i may,
No lone winners today.
A glass of liqueur to us,
To drink stray.

Yet seems i've failed to answer.
A sorrowful savegame crash.
No sailings with an anchor.
Just the usual Kancolle backlash.


File: 1456016561764.jpg (180.39 KB, 1030x1100, 145601307767.jpg)

Tell me your address
I would lick your cockless
With full of loveliness
You would cum into glasses

My question is solvable,
As your homework enjoyable.
I can help with it too,
But only after you answer


Zu jeder zeit, an jedem ort, bleibt das tun der menschen das gleiche.


File: 1456019932238.jpg (222.72 KB, 906x1200, 0.jpg)

I'm also very lonely.
On this same saturday night.
We do need a good blowing.
But it'd be our demise.

I like vaginas only.
Although i'm just a spectator.
Eroges make me less lonely.
Not else left for narrators.

By no country i abide.
All the same and to blame.
Just close your eyes,
And there i reside.

If liking women is a sin.
Hellfire swallow me whole.
Then let my cock burn.
Bringing heaven in return.


File: 1456020327199.jpg (244.1 KB, 835x773, hitler playing touhou.jpg)

Don't worry luluch, we will always be here to keep you company.


requesting the pic's source pls


File: 1473873454962-0.png (339.41 KB, 640x480, 53497854385740385743897.png)

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