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File: 1334828187451.png (392.3 KB, 900x888, story_of_the_blanks_by_tim….png) ImgOps Google


May i introduce you to "Story of the blanks"?

It is a flash game featuring ponies.
It's very short, and rather creepy.
I got a strange vibe from those chasing ones, they reminded me of the toriningen, so i felt obliged to share this.



Part of the OST, for general interest:



>involving ponies
Call me whatever, I ain't going anywhere near that shit.


Judgemental maybe? Either way, you should put any hatred of ponies aside and try it out.


oh man, this looks aw- oh ponies.



File: 1337500398529.jpg (86.81 KB, 500x543, tumbrl.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

well might as well give some actual thoughts on the game since this thread is just "UGH PONIES NOT TOUCHING THAT WITH A 498428343 FOOT POLE"

the ponies were totally unnecessary, i think. it would have been fine with humans, a few tweaks here and there to make it work since the whole "no cutie mark" thing wouldn't really make sense for humans. unless they were all standing around shirtless and were humans but without bellybuttons and nipples or something like that. still, the ponies were unnecessary. it was pretty seperated from mlp otherwise, like someone was just "LETS PUT ZOMBIES THAT WANT OTHERS TO JOIN THEM AND MIX IT WITH A SHOW I REALLY LIKE". it was just so… i dunno, out there.

while i did play the game, a short, easy but slightly unnerving little runthrough, i first saw some guy who didnt even know who bronies were play it. so technically i could have reviewed this without even giving it a shot but i did anyway.

its nothing special so those who aren't going to touch it because EWWWW PONIES!11!1!!!! aren't really missing out on much to be honest. its just doing some small puzzle stuff then getting chased. atmospheric though, so i guess there's that.

i guess the music's good, gives a creepy feel to be sure. so that does it's job i suppose.

im not really a fan of the show, if anything i just think its cute while i don't care for a lot of the fanbase. so if i had to rate this game it would probably be, mmm, 4/10. its not TERRIBLE but nothing memorable. i guess that's a fair and honest rating.


You're a real bud, bud. Thanks for the review!



Am I the only one who read that in his voice?


ponies aside this game wasn't very good

however I appreciate the early vga aesthetics even if the rest was mediocre at best


>May i introduce you to "Story of the blanks"?

sounds legit.

>It is a flash game

go on…

>featuring ponies.



I don't like ponies. But this was actually quite good. It was increasingly unsettling until nope nopenopeNOPENOPENOPE


No. ponies are hated because they're spammed everywhere, usually. no playing a game for having gratuitous ponies is an expected action.
But the game was kinda bad, too. Ponies or not it isn't good enough to go that final length.


If you're a baby, yes.



what are you, five years old?


File: 1339448004497.gif (333.92 KB, 320x180, 1336769635657.gif) ImgOps Google

Where do I press to play it?


Im stuck -_-
How to I find the crank for the well?


File: 1339548810045.jpg (285.72 KB, 679x950, 793024.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Any other creepy games? (Creepypasta like ones)


You've got this one, ever heard of it? http://uboachan.net/og/res/748.html

Try SCP-087-B. The original gets boring after a while, but the B version will always get you some scares, guaranteed!


>the ponies were totally unnecessary, i think

It was made for the fans, i would think.

I think there even is a pony fighting game, by now.

Demons to some, angels to others..

In any case, thanks for your review.

I think someone wanted a gem, the crank should be in his house.
Find the gem first, of course.


File: 1345090771349.png (653.44 KB, 435x536, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google


There's Pokemon Lost Silver, based on some old creepypasta.

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